Friday, July 8, 2022

Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsay



Saturday nights out on the tiles, undying crushes, dating like it's a competitive sport, awkward tales of dating woes, one-night stands, the walk of shame, ghosting, tears and break-ups.


Finding 'the one', meeting their parents, first holidays and romantic weekends away, engagement rings, big moment proposals, wedding bells, the hen do, the stag, the much anticipated - and feared - best man speech, the honeymoon of a lifetime.


Who stacks a dishwasher like this? Empty milk cartons placed back into the fridge, pregnancy, sleepless nights, toilet seats up, toothpaste everywhere, less and less frequent date nights, DIY weekends, divorce.

Whether you're sh**ged, married, annoyed, or, all of the above, Chris and Rosie Ramsey, hosts of the number one podcast, write hilariously and with honesty about the universal highs and lows of life, dating, relationships, arguments, parenting and everything in between.

I’ve always liked Chris and Rosie, but recently binged all of their tv series and now bloody love them lol. So obviously I had to get another fix and buy their book (late to the party I know). This book is so freaking funny, I laughed out loud in so many places (places of the book, not actual places, I read it all at home… some of it on the loo, that could have fit in with their ‘poo section’). 

Okay, anyway yes this book is hilarious, and soooo true. There were so many bits I know everyone will resonate with, but the parenting bits were just absolutely spot on. The emails from fans were brilliant, the stories sometimes disgusting were also hilarious (I could probably have my own chapter in there to be honest). But I loved the way you can just get their relationship from the way they were talking (or typing), they bounce off each other so well. They seem a perfect fit, and they are both so funny, but you know they really do love each other. 

So to Chris and Rosie from a fellow Geordie, please write another book, do more tv, and keep on laughing.

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