Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Ben and Sally by Oliver Sparshot

Ben has ditched his entire life to move to London, and Sally needs a roommate. A match made in heaven? Maybe not - because Ben is more interested in sleeping in other men's beds than finding one of his own, and Sally is probably the worst housemate in the entire city!

Based on a real life diary, this funny, heart-warming and true story leaves NOTHING to the imagination.

Okay, so this book opens with a bang (literally by the way)! I was gutted I missed out on being on the tour, so I decided to buy it on release day and read it as quick as I could. It is absolutely hilarious, and down right rude! In a good way though.

I love the way each chapter starts with a little text conversation between Ben and Sally (& Kate), and it had me guessing for so long as to who Kate was, we find out about halfway through the story, and it made so much sense! I love both Ben and Sally, and think they would just be perfect friends. Ben’s mother also plays a brilliant role, and has some smashing crack.

There were so many laugh out loud parts, at one point I even snorted and the dog looked at me funny! The best line from the story is ‘Yes! It’s too much for a fucking ice cream.’ This was the snorty part.

Along with all the laughs is a whole butt load of sex (don’t pardon the pun, the pun was intentional), and boy oh boy is it graphic! But don’t let that put you off, as the story is just brilliant, a hoot and a half. 

I’m really looking forward to season 2, and I’m definitely going to try to jump on the tour for that one (so keep me informed Instabooktourstours!!)

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