Thursday, December 2, 2021

Nasty Little Cuts by Tina Baker



A nightmare jolts Debs awake. She leaves the kids tucked up in their beds and goes downstairs. There's a man in her kitchen, holding a knife. But it's not an intruder. This is her husband Marc, the father of her children. A man she no longer recognises.

Once their differences were what drew them together, what turned them on. Him, the ex-army officer from a good family. Her, the fitness instructor who grew up over a pub. But now these differences grate to the point of drawing blood. Marc screams in his sleep. And Debs hardly knows the person she's become, or why she lets him hurt her.

Neither of them is completely innocent. Neither is totally guilty. Marc is taller, stronger, and more vicious, haunted by a war he can't forget. But he has no idea what Debs is capable of when her children's lives are at stake...

I received a copy of this book from the publisher Viper Books and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

I was glued to this book from the minute I opened it.

I loved it, if loved is the right word for a book so full of nastiness, abuse and hatred. But there a strong undertone of love here too, and that’s one between Deb and her children. 

I really enjoyed how the story was set out, Tina breaks the night up with stories from the past, both Marc’s and Deb’s. This made it so much more interesting too as I had to keep reading and get to the present time to see what was going to happen! 

Deb is one strong woman, and I rooted for her all the way through, hoping Marc was going to get what he was due.

I’d recommend this book, and Tina’s last book Call Me Mummy as they are both brilliant. Well done Ms Baker!

Thanks again to Viper and Netgalley for my e-arc.

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