Friday, July 2, 2021

Blog Tour! In Other Words by Mainspring Arts


I was happy to be included on the blog tour for this book, especially since stories written about or by people with Autism intrigue me a lot. I have 2 children who have Autism and I love being in their world and seeing jus how great they do. I’m only half way through this book, there are 8 stories and I have read 4 so far. The stories ar good though, well written, and have underlying meanings which you feel coming through.

I wish this book and the authors all the best success! Thanks to Random Things Tours for including me and my fab gifted proof.

In Other Words by Mainspring Arts

– Features a foreword by David Mitchell (Bone Clocks, Cloud Atlas) and an introduction by Joanne Limburg (Small Pieces).

– Highlights remarkable works of fiction by autistic writers and addresses the gap in their representation – and in doing so blurs the border between the imagination, creativity and neuro-atypicality.

– For fans of The Reason I Jump, Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 (Naoki Higashida, tr. David Mitchell).

A shift in the nature of light reveals an eighth colour in the visible spectrum. A boy befriends the last tree in the natural world. A single mother finds help at the darkest point of her life. A young man finds himself trapped in a university overrun by crows.

These stories and more form In Other Words, an anthology as diverse as the writers themselves. Some cover trauma, societal issues and stigma; others offer fragments of hope and light. Some reach back in time while others transport us to another dimension altogether. There is heartbreak, wit, humour, poignancy and above all a mastery of the imagination.

What these transcendent stories share is that they were created by autistic writers, people often dismissed as unimaginative or incapable of creativity – a myth that has persisted for generations. This collection hopes to shatter those stereotypes, those misconceptions and misunderstandings, and the perception that one must be neurotypical to be afforded a voice in the arts.


Mainspring Arts, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making the arts inclusive, diverse, and accessible to all, was founded in 2015 by Katya Balen and Miranda Prag. They were frustrated by the lack of diversity in the arts, where neurotypical and non-disabled actors or writers frequently assume the roles or voices of neurodivergent people, or those with disabilities. Katya and Miranda believe those people should be able to tell their own stories, and Mainspring Arts exists to help them do it. @mainspring_arts

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