Monday, March 22, 2021

The Snow Song by Wray Delaney

Perched on a mountain in a land of ancient forests is a village, rife with secrets. Cut off from the outside world it is run by the elders, men to whom tradition is all.

Edith lives alone with her alcoholic father who is forcing her to marry the village butcher. But she is in love with a shepherd who promised to return to her.

As the village becomes isolated in a sea of snow, Edith loses her power of speech. And it is this enchantment that will have far-reaching consequences, not only for Edith but for the whole village.

I received a beautiful proof copy of this from HQ when I won one of their competitions late last year. I had my eye on this for ages so was very excited to win one. 

This is a book of love and sacrifice, but has some deep issues of abuse too.

It’s set in an old village, and everyone there lives a certain lifestyle. The Village Elders have the last say on everything, the men rule the families and households , and the women do as they are told. It’s full of ancient tales and stories, and makes me think of some magical tribe living in the mountains.

Edith’s Grandmother was a storyteller, and has passed her gift down to her Granddaughter, although Edith isn’t too fussed on telling stories to others. She meets a man and falls in love, the perfect and ideal life right? Well her father has other plans and promises her off to the butcher, who is as old as her father and seems like not a nice man. 

One thing I noticed in the story that stands out a lot, is all the women are known by their names, but the men by their trades: The Butcher, The Cabinet Maker, The Shephard, The Priest. But the women are strong, underrated but will get their time.

The love in the story is beautiful, the violin story I found especially nice and sweet, and I’m now off to google whether its true! But the love that Edith has for the Shepherd is real, and Ms Delaney really bring that out in her writing. 

Thank you very much to the publisher HQ for the proof, and as always, the author Wray Delaney (also known as Sally Gardner).

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