Wednesday, March 17, 2021

BLOG TOUR The Lip by Charlie Carroll

Away from the hotels and holiday lets, there is an unseen side of Cornwall, where the shifting uncertainties of the future breed resentment and mistrust. 

Melody Janie is hidden. She lives alone in a caravan in Bones Break: a small cliff-top on Cornwall's north coast. She spends her time roaming her territory, spying on passing tourists and ramblers, and remembering. She sees everything and yet remains unseen. 

However, when a stranger enters her life, she is forced to confront not only him but the terrible tragedies of her past. 

The Lip is a novel about childhood, isolation and mental health, told in the unique and unforgettable voice of Melody Janie. 

'All of this is Bones Break. All of this is mine.

I know every inch of it; I know it as intimately as the seagulls. I stand at dead-centre, my feet teetering on the edge of the lip. Below, the thundering tattoo of waves on rock. Wind catches the tips of my hair, lifting them above my ribs: less force than it takes to knock me down; enough to make me right myself with a step to the left, and then another back again. Here on the lip, it is vital to know where my feet are.'

I was so excited to be included in the Instagram tour for this book! received a proof copy of this book from the publisher Two Roads Books/John Murray’s in return for an honest review. 

I read this book over 3 days. Day 1 page 34, day 2 page 62, day 3 I finished (page 384). I could not put it down.

We meet Melody Janie who lives in a small caravan by the Lip. The Lip is a small piece of cliff edge which hides under the overhang, and she often sneaks into it and lies where no-one can see her but she can hear them all. She listens to their stories, and wants to use them to drive the emmets (tourists) away. This is her land and she wants no-one else to be there, or to move in and take it from her.

We travel back and forth in time to her when she was a little child with her parents, to when she’s a bit older and it’s just her and her little sister Lucy, and to now when its just Melody Janie. I loved the aspect of this, not knowing what exact was going on, why was she bothered by all these people? She meets a new person, well actually she meets his dog first and loves him, but she wants to know more about this man, why he’s here, so she befriends him to do some digging.

There are huge underlying themes of isolation, loneliness and Mental Health issues in the story, and by the end my heart was breaking for Melody Janie , or Mellijane as her little sister Lucy calls her, and yes I cried.  

Please read this when it’s out, as it’s a really good story which digs deep. And please check out the other stops on the tour!

Thank you to Two Roads Books and Charlie Carrol for my physical proof.

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