Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

'Beware! Peril to the detective who says: "It is so small - it does not matter..." Everything matters.' After the Great War, life can never be the same again. Wounds need healing, and the horror of violent death banished into memory. Captain Arthur Hastings is invited to the rolling country estate of Styles to recuperate from injuries sustained at the Front. It is the last place he expects to encounter murder. Fortunately he knows a former detective, a Belgian refugee, who has grown bored of retirement

This is my first ever Agatha novel, and I decided to go with Poirot over Miss Marple as I heard so many good things from my books friends about these books. Well they were right (as always), I really enjoyed this one, I took a litle while to get into at first but once I did, I was quite happy.

Poirot is a funny little man, and I loved the way he always said he knew what was going on, or who the culprit was etc, then wandered away or just stopped talking. He kept me guessing from start to finish, I often backtracked on who I thought done it, and then changed my mind again haha. 

The narrator Mr Hastings was good, seemed very eager to be of assistance to Poirot, and got equally frustrated and excited around him.

I’m definitely going to read the next Poirot and if I enjoy that one too I will carry on with the series. 

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