Monday, July 27, 2020

The Doctor Will See You Now by Dr Amir Khan

60 Hours a Week
240 patients
10 minutes to make a diagnosis

Welcome to the Surgery.

Charting his 15 years working as a GP, from rookie to becoming a partner in one of the UK’s busiest surgeries, DR Amir Khan’s stories are as much about community and care as they are about blood tests and bodily fluids.

Along the way, he introduces us to the patients that have taught him about love, loss and family - from the regulars to the rarities - giving him the most unbelievable highs and crushing lows, and often in just 10 minutes. There is the unsuspecting pregnant woman about to give birth at the surgery: the man offering to drop his trousers and take a urine sample there and then; the family who needs support through bereavement, the vulnerable child who will need continuing care for a long-term health condition; and, of course, the onset of the COVID_19 that tested the surgery at every twist and turn. it, it’s all in a day’s work for Amir.

The Doctor Will See You Now is a powerful story of hope, love and compassion, but it’s also a rare insider account of wha really goes on behind those surgery doors.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.  The Book cover isn’t available on my copy of the arc (I usually screenshot my kindle), so I took a shot of the title instead.

I stayed up until 1am finishing this. I love Dr Amir, I have followed him on Twitter for ages, and have chatted with him there a couple of times. I’ve been looking forward to his book since I heard about it, and when I saw it was on Netgalley I knew I had to request it. I went from reading Dear NHS, straight to this one, and they are both so different.

Dr Amir talk to us about starting his career as a GP, and takes us trough some of the most memorable of his patients. I will say I cried (I cry at most things to be fair, but this will get you), there was more than one really touching story. The story of Tom, broke my heart, and the final words of his chapter got me, and the little girl Emily, who features quite a bit throughout the book. There were some funny stories too though, ones that made me laugh out loud (a hammer?), and ones that made me silently giggle. 

It ends on a chapter about what’s going on today with Covid-19, and it shows just what GP surgeries are going through.  How little time they (and everybody else) had to get ready for this new way of seeing patients with only telephone calls, unless it was serious and they needed either to be seen by a GP or at hospital.He talks of getting ready to work on the ‘red Zone’, and his fears of catching Covid.

Dr Khan shows just how much of a lovely person he is, the way he deals with his patients at the surgery, and also goes out of his way and beyond to take care of them outside of the surgery. His kindness will stick with me, and I’m betting a lot of other people who have had the pleasure to be in his life.

A really good book, and a great look into the life of a GP, and once again I will say, a very kind man.

‘Thank you so much for the Roses, I’ll look after them’

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