Sunday, February 2, 2020

Hi there :)

Hi there!!

So this is my new blog! I've blogged before, but I'm starting anew after a few years sabbatical shall we say

So let me introduce myself.  I'm Dee, from Newcastle upon Tyne. I'm married with 2 children C 11 and J 10, they both have Autism. They were diagnosed really early (2 and a half), so it's been a long time now,  and we have our ways of dealing with everything. No pets yet, C doesn't like dogs,  J loves them, so we're hoping at some point we may get a Golden Retriever, but only if C changes her mind.

I love to read. I have a bookcase full of books in my room. The kids have a full bookcase downstairs, and more in their bedrooms. We also have 2 shelves of cookery books in the kitchen. Oh, and my kindle is loaded too! I read any genre, I'm not exactly picky. If I see a book and it takes my fancy, that's all that matters.

I also love cooking and baking. I'm starting to bake more now and get more used to it. The problem is I have type 1 diabetes, so too many cakes etc is not a great idea, so sometimes they do get wasted. 

I love TV/Films. Me and the hubby try to go to the cinema to see new movies we really like (Star Wars is a must on release day), and we often watch different tv shows at night time. Netflix is a godsend lol. I love to binge watch tv shows that the other half wouldn't watch.

I love Tattoos. I have 18 (I think), and would love more. I have ideas for my next ones :)

Oh and I love the Sims. I don't really 'play' the game properly, but I love to sit and build huge houses that I could only ever own in my dreams Haha.

So that's me in a nutshell. I'm hoping to keep up with this blog, and post random pics of bakes, books and bunches more. 

Thanks for stopping by  :)

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